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Ghyschur (Studeos)

Yes. You read that correctly. The 'Studeos' part in Ghyschur Studeos is misspelled correctly. Why? Because Studios with an 'i' does not make too much sense to me on pronunciation. Just like Ghyschur.
'Ghyschur' was a name that my father spelled out to me once when we were trying to come up with different ways to spell our last name 'Fisher'.
Feel free to pronounce Ghyschur as Fisher. I will respond to either. There are those who like the sound of how I pronounce it, though looking at it for the first time and trying to say it can be a bit of a mess. The 'GH' in English naturally makes the 'F' sound ; if you say the two letters together you get 'Gu' or 'Guh'. The 'Y' silences the 'H' in 'Guh' and alternatively makes the sound of 'Guy'. The 'SCH' makes the 'shhh' sound and is native to the German language. I will explain further on why I integrated the German language in my name and music. the 'UR' finishes it off with the sound of 'err'. A split version of how to pronounce Ghyschur for new comers is as 'Guy-shur'.

The Logo

The full title as Ghyschur Studeos (GS) hung around for only about a year. More specifically, up until the release of NoyxX Eklypce in November of 2012 and later kept on its Re-release in 2014, select cover artwork for I, Control. The reason for the shortening was literally the full name would not fit on the new logo template. 

Xomm or The R-Star is the only piece that has stayed the same since my launch under Ghyschur. It was originally part of a class project in my Graphic Design course. The assignment was to come up with a fancy design using one of the letters of our initials. Mine are G.R.F. and I picked 'R'. I still have the original drawing on my wall and it is available to see in the Gallery. The R-Star consists of over forty-eight pieces and takes around 2 hours to properly align eight pieces for every time it has to be remade such as the one above. The original digital version was finished in September of 2010 and was originally going to be a conceptual icon for something in my book series, but plans changed giving the full title a far more personal meaning.

A little more to go

It is hard to explain everything that involves Ghyschur through text. That is why I built this website so that you may see and so you may hear what Ghyschur means to me. There are many elements to my work. One of the biggest is time. On average, it takes me four months to complete an intro scene for a song. Even though I am a super computer geek and a power user for sound engineering, that doesn't mean that I enjoy using virtual synthesizers, Digital Audio Workspace or DAWs, or setting out raw data for sound modulation. From the beginning, my sources of all of those unique sounds are prerecorded from literally the wilderness and human environments.

To be honest, I actually hate technology and I can not wait for the world to end, but in the mean time, I am going to make a bit of music. I only call my music electronic because it sounds mostly electronic, but personally it is artwork to my ears and each piece is a different story. I have had many people write short stories and paint pictures of what they imagine when they listen to my work. This talent is hard to find.

The inspiration of using the German language and references come from, of coarse living in Germany. I am not German. I just really like the history of their beautiful nation, the good and the bad...and their products.

Rane Fischer and Ryan Ghyschur

The mighty myths that surround Ghyschur, one of probably many. I wouldn't know. I don't make this stuff up.

This one has stuck around for quite a bit since the launch of Ghyschur Studeos. These names are alternates originally made up to make GS have more of a professional feel. Two of these names are actually in my full name. Sometimes I wish that my first name was Ryan instead of Gabriel, but then it would not sound so catchy. I used both of these names though middle school and high school. I have always wanted to try a fresh start even if I was pulling someone's leg or two.

Only two of these names have influenced the logo of Ghyschur, and of coarse how my signature looks.

Inspirations for Design

The other day I visited an old friend. Mike, the owner of Mike's Game Shack in Buckhorn, Missouri. Mike and I are good friends and the fact that I made his new logo does not change anything. He reminded me of a point that I feel about myself. He asked, 'What DJs inspired you. What electronic music artists to you look up to when you make your music?'. I replied 'None of them. My inspirations come from everything but EDM.' He thought that my response was very fascinating.

Everyone has inspirations that reflect on their actions. I do not know of anyone else besides me who was inspired by punk rock that set them on coarse for electronic music production. Before I ever heard that EDM was a style, I listened to it as a kid because it sounded nice. I still cannot wrap my head around old 70s disco and alternative rock on how it was cool back in the day. I was raised in a family that only listened to alternative and classic rock. My brothers listened to the newer stuff but never hardcore EDM like Trap, Dubstep, or Hardstyle. Rap was not allowed in the house. Stuff like Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, Hellogoodbye, My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence, The Veils, Queen, Blaqk Audio, and of coarse The Faint.

I guess you could say that these are all of my inspirations except for Queen. Not in a bad way though. You kinda loose your mind when Queen is played over and over and over for twelve hours on a road trip to Utah.
So yeah. No scratch DJs, Dubstep, Brostep, or the Hardstyle bass psychos inspired me until i first heard about Dubstep in 2010.
Again, I was victim to everything but.

I feel as though I have built Ghyschur into a new style, now what to name it.