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How it Started

I can not tell you exactly how many times I have found myself retelling this story to so many people.

It all started November of 2010, my junior year of high school. Though expected to be just a regular day at the Waynesville Career Center in my Graphic Design coarse; I always make it sound like I became a super hero.
It was in the morning and we had not been in class for more than thirty minutes when my poor old teacher was slaved away to other duties, leaving the twenty five of us alone with iMacs and a crew made up 'mostly' serious kids. I was not one of the 'serious' ones at the time. I was actually attempting to do my work...until it happened!
A small group of friends of whom I sat next to, Patrick who was from my school. A talented artist and super class clown. Parker who no one really knew his first name. Also a clown especially when teamed up with Doug. I hardly knew Doug, but here we go.

The three of them always found ways of not doing their work and this time was one of the best. So there I was doing my work and then all of a sudden, I hear some of the most annoying sounds coming from the three of them. Yelling and spitting all over Patrick's monitor like a pack of rabid dogs and then laughing so hard about something. So as curious as I was to the disruption, I kicked myself over to them in my desk chair to where the three were in my row. They had managed to figure out how to use GarageBand, at least the recording side of it. Before this moment I never knew how electronic music was made or what the process was of recording. The three had managed to remake the Mortal Kombat theme song with the noises that they made. It was dumb, but it got me thinking.