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The Holy DJ

What a name right? Before there was Ghyschur, There was The Holy DJ. This title hung around for two years before the big change. Under this title, I felt cool. Cool enough to start making some sweet music. As THDJ I did not create anything that was one hundred percent my own work. Everything but my experimental remixes were published, though anyone who has messed around in GarageBand and have listened to In The Beginning (Later renamed as Two Years Notice); can be recognize that eighty percent of each track are beat loops that are native to the application. When I bring up Two Years Notice, I am talking about the era in Ghyschur history where everything that I have learned about the effects of sound on the human body, mind, and the environment...and how to harness and sculpt waves into magnificent works of art.

To be honest, I do not like to cover my beginning, but we all gotta learn some how. I learned the effects and built my style around hours of hallucinogenic signals that would make you see stuff and blackout (It happened to me). In THDJ window, I was not as involved in manipulation as I am now, but I have kept the same style. My projects were limited on the time that I had left at school till I graduated. February of 2012 was when it all changed for the better to greater; When Ghyschur Studeos was launched.

All first tracks as The Holy DJ are available by download link if requested by emailing me. I can not release the remixes because of many copyright issues that would follow.