Extended Ambient Hub
A series of freakishly long ambient noise. Based around nature and city scapes.

4-Channel pairing

Each pair contains standard stereo setup from DR-40. [S12] means it is the internal mic recording while [S34] is the expanded stereo recordings.
Each number code is unique to the pair. Interchanging the pairs with others will throw off/not line up with the other. 

So _0425S12 would not line up with say __0426S34.

The pairs are kept unaltered unlike the others in the October 2018 Nature rec release. 
Both the combined pair samples and non-paired are included on the web page. 
For those who would like pairing done for them or only want the expanded stereo recordings.

Already Paired:
Extended Ambient - 4CH Ghysch_0425S[12]+[34] - October 2018 (Camping) - MP3 - 86.4MBs|1hr, 02min, 54sec
Extended Ambient - 4CH Ghysch_0426S[12]+[34] - October 2018 (Camping) - MP3 - 48.3MBs|5min, 10sec
*no pairing available for 4CH Ghysch_0427S[12] - October 2018 (Camping) - see below
*no pairing available for 4CH Ghysch_0428S[12] - October 2018 (Camping) - see below

*Due to recording mistakes. Recorded with 4CH settings without additional mics added*

Extended Ambient - Non-paired 4CH recordings
4CH Ghysch_0425S[12] - MP3 - 28.8MBs|1hr, 02min, 54sec
4CH Ghysch_0425S[34] - MP3 - 28.8MBs|1hr, 02min, 54sec
4CH Ghysch_0426S[12] - MP3 - 16.1MBs|35mn, 10sec
4CH Ghysch_0426S[34] - MP3 - 16.1MBs|35mn, 10sec
4CH Ghysch_0427S[12] - MP3 - 109MBs|3hr, 59min, 23sec
4CH Ghysch_0428S[12] - MP3 - 51.7MBs|1hr, 53min