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NoyxX Eklypce
I, Control

First released in 2012, NoyxX Eklypce is the first chapter in the Control Test series as well as the first album from Ghyschur.
NoyxX Eklypce was not the first attempt to tell a story without lyrics, but it was the first to really be creative upon zero limits.

The name is a veriation of Noise Eclipse. Noise being the music; Eclipse being the start of something new.

Story by Song:
NoyxX (Original Demo):

Included with the 2013 release of NoyxX Eklypce is the original teaser demo for the album. The NoyxX demo was finished in 2011. This, at the time, was a huge leap forward for Ghyschur.
Cybergenerated Death and Debugged Dancer:

Both of these songs are built as 'risers' for the album. A way of sucking the listener in with the sound and how it makes them feel, rather than telling a story. There are more 'risers' in this album than any other in the Control Test series.

The creation on the other hand is quite interesting. NoyxX Eklypce build on a very low budget turned out really good for using only open-source software and vocal sounds.
Mega Giga Tera Peta:

Mega Giga Tera Peta was created as a sense of what the Control Test series would sound like if the description was compressed and told by ways of sound.
The name comes from the names of computer storage sizes: Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, and Petabyte. One section bigger and better than the other, though at the end of the song is jumps backwards to Gigabyte then down to Megabyte before it ends. This can also be taken as the rise and fall of mankind. We are at our peak and we could fall at any moment if of coarse you take my work too seriously.
Ghost in the Machine:

Your usual ghost in the machine. I designed this track to explain the effect of what a 'ghost' may have on a machine, both phenomenal and what we find unusual to happen with out machines of which we can not find a cause to the issue.
CyberChem Tech:

This is what happens when you play too many video games, you tend to adopt ideas from here and there into your work to create a worst case scenario of the end of the world by chemical and mechanical mishaps and hacks.

Monster of Annoyance:

Need I say more? Just a fun development. Kinda follows the foot steps of Mega Giga Tera Peta.
Out with The Old; In with The NoyxX:

So you take my first six projects of learning and screwing around with loops, and then you blend it with the new and potentially great designs and you get this.
Remember, your disc is not scratched.
NoyxX Eklypce:

I needed a dance music track that would put my work at a higher level than what it sounds like up to this point. Up to this point, you can feel a rise as if the track NoyxX Eklypce is the drop into epic-ness, or somewhere on the outside of the hole.
Ghyschur (Angles at Dawn):

The history, an in depth version or history, which is a few ways explains the development of NoyxX Eklypce...what on earth happened in between work and play.
The song ends with the first demo of I, Control - Angles at Dawn.
Project 8:

To start, this song was named after I, Control because I, Control is my eighth project in music.
It is a very unique piece all around It ends with a demo of I, Control. I add the demos because I do not want my fans to think that it takes just one album to explain this vast story that is worth taking seriously. The track ends with a hint that the world ended without you...