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NoyxX Eklypce
I, Control

D10% The Control Test series is vast and complex. Ranging from calm music to psychodelic enviroments that can mess with your head. The Control Test series follows one whole story line of the world ending. Hidden meanings behind every note and sound professionally engineered to tell a story without using lyrics. As the chapter releases come out, the story becomes more and more unbarable to listen for some, though danceable for others.

The Control Test series came about as I was curious as to what makes the human mind tick. I studied the effects of sound on humans and animals and exparamented on cross contaminating dance music with such dark things. As dark as I could go. The name comes from the idea of controlling how the listener would feel listening to a curtain song. I was successful. I have caused artists to paint pictures on what they imagine while listening to my work. It is pretty neat. I have been controlling thoughts since 2010.

Even though I am messing with the imaginative realm of individuals, this does not mean that these tracks are harmless. It is either you like it, you are not sure what to think, or you do not like it. I promise that you will not blackout  from any high pitch frequencies in my work, unless you request Automax tracks for bending into music; but that is something entirely different than what is found in Control Test.

To get an insite on each chapter, please click any of the three tabs labeled 'NoyxX Eklypce', 'I, Control'.