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WaveScaping 2.0

Each WaveScaping set of parts (Part 1, Part 2, etc) are just a complete collection of what I can do
that is all mashed together. There are hits and drums like found in EDM and bass lines from what you would find in Dubstep and heavy synth bass.
I do not make these collections in hope to steal your heart and get you to dance or find a point to everything mixed together. I am just showing off what I can do, the elements that I am willing to work with. Building a portfolio of abilities. My main goal is to get the attention of indie film makers for starters, animators, and just the population that is looking for something cool that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

WaveScaping 1 was done up a very long time ago and I ended up mixing songs in from other
albums to fill up play time when really one could just
go and the individual tracks and select what they wanted to hear out the mess.
WaveScaping 2 however is just like how I originally intended. Crazy runs and divided up into parts that are easy to handle one at a time.
Series 2 is being made under Thee Academy series for my sake of organization and everything under this roof is for me, next gen.
As I finish each part or section I will upload them to the Downloads Hub. The link is near the bottom of my Home Page.